DLK HD Satellite Map For OPENIV GTAV SP [Easy-Install]

Map Last Updated 18/05/2017

Easy Install
DLK HD Satellite Map For OpenIV GTAV Single Player

Street names, black roads & white text

6x 4096x4096 image resolution tiles

220 MB (231,328,573 bytes) @ 6 Files, 2 Folders

Download = DLK HD Satellite Map For OPENIV GTAV SP.zip

MD5 Checksum Value = 65EFD07DD656A731F6378FD3170C183E
Can Not Find A Online Virus Scanner That Supports Large Files
You Will Have To Use Your Own Scanner After Downloading
If The MD5 Checksum Do Not Match Then The Zip File Is Not From Me My Files Are Legit And Always Clean.

==================== IMPORTANT ====================
Must Have OpenIV Installed and Install ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI For Map Mods To Work In Single Player